Image of Instant Bluing Tablets - Eliminates Urine Sample Adulteration by Medimpex

Instant Bluing Tablets - Eliminates Urine Sample Adulteration by Medimpex

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stat-blue instant bluing tablets - 100 tablets per bottle description: quick and easy; no messy spills like liquid methylene blue ideal for mobile collection meets federal dot regulation 49 cfr part 40.41 use 1 tablet per flush instructions: drop 1 tablet into toilet bowl before donor uses restroom. this ensures toilet water is not used for the specimen. federal regulations: mandated by the federal government in the collection of urine samples for drugs of abuse testing. (federal registry, december 19, 2000, vol. 56, #244, part 40.41) “ensure that the water in the toilet is blue” “tape or otherwise secure or shut any movable toilet tank top, or put bluing in the tank.” stat-blue tablets are designed for the drug testing market to provide the required blue color in the toilet bowl water prior to a urine collection. and will eliminate donor tampering and/or sample adulteration (as mandated by federal regulations). these bluing tablets only require seconds to produce a deep blue color in the toilet bowl. collectors who have become accustomed to the tablets ease-of-use also appreciate the economy of this bluing technology. no mess on the collector’s hands from handling tablets and the cost per collection is considerably less than tablets or food coloring.

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