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qtest one step urine drug testing cup for 12 drugs now clia waived! k number in clia database is k071489. well known, affordable and reliable drug test kit product description: self-contained, affordable, reliable one step drug test cup fda cleared (certifies the drug testing device passes fda standards) clia waived (simple test with low risk for incorrect result) test detects 12 most common drugs in one procedure without additional tools results in just 5 minutes without touching the urine specimen commonly used by employment agencies & testing of medical staff in hospitals & rehab centers instructions: the donor fills the cup with urine, screws the cap on and gives cup to the person administrating the test.  the cup includes a temperature strip, displaying the temperature of the urine sample enabling the tester to determine if the donor diluted the urine with water. the cup does all the work! in just 5 minutes, the tester simply removes the privacy label revealing the results indicating whether the following drugs are present in the donor with cut off levels established by substance abuse and mental health services administration (samhsa): the list of drugs detectable with this test are as follows: amp- amphetamine, 1000 ng/ml - adderall/ritalin bar- barbiturates, 300 ng/ - luminal/seconal/phenobarbital bup– buprenorphine, 10 ng/ml - suboxone/subutex/buprenorphine bzo– benzodiazepines, 300 ng/ml - valium/xanax/paxam/victan coc– cocaine, 300 ng/ml - crack mamp– methamphetamine, 1000 ng/ml - meth/crystal/mdma mtd– methadone, 300 ng/ml - methadone/amidone/methadose opi– opiate, 2000 ng/ml - heroin/morphine/codeine oxy– oxycodone, 100 ng/ml - oxycontin/percocet/vicodin pcp– phencyclidine, 25 ng/ml - angel dust/special k/ketamine tca– tricyclic antidepressant, 1000 ng/ml - paxil/zoloft/prozac/celexa thc– marijuana, 50 ng/ml - cannabinoids/weed/pot results: positive: one colored line is visible in the control (c) zone for that drug. no colored line whatsoever appears in the test (t) zone, indicating a presumptive positive result for the corresponding drug. on-site rapid test results are in most states not used as evidence. however, the quick screen result determines if a lab analysis is needed. usually, presumptive positive specimens are sent for lab analysis and a positive drug use is determined by the lab analysis result. negative: colored lines are visible in both the control (c) and test (t) zones, indicating that concentration of the drug is below the detection limit of the test or not present. the test lines (t) may have varying intensity, either weaker or stronger in color than that of the control line (c). however, any indication of a line in the test region should be interpreted as a negative result. if there are no lines visible, then the test is invalid. in this instance, re-testing of the specimen is recommended.   additional information: a false positive can only occur as a result of the donor’s health and/or the impact of the medications the donor has taken. to prevent such problems, the tester must determine the donor’s health condition and medications taken during the pre-test interview.

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